Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Free joomla hosting

I've been looking for a free joomla hosting with no ads just to learn it before paying a commercial webhosting service.

After a while I finally achieved to find one on the Cyberspace which is freehostia.com. In fact it does not only provide joomla but other packages as well like wordpress.

At the moment I don't know any other free joomla hosting services. If you do please tell me, I would be really interested to try another one.

Signup is very easy and fast: usually in a few minutes or at worst 30 minutes. You will then receive your login and password to connect to your free hosting account through ftp. Below is a screen copy of filezilla (a free ftp client software) that I use to do so:

But in truth to setup your joomla website you don't even need ftp since you can use freehostia control panel which will do all the jobs for you quickly !

Firstable you must setup a MySQL Database. Select Site Management, MySQL Databases.

Once your database has been set up, select Web Tools, Elefant Script, Joomla, Install Joomla.

Enter the MYSQL Database name you set up previously, the desired login and password and voilĂ  that's all Folk! You can then preview your joomla installation by clicking the proposed link:

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