Saturday, October 20, 2007

Joomla Social Network Components

Joomla/Mambo Community Builder

The Community Builder suite extends the Joomla! and Mambo website user management systems and allows to manage those users.

Key features include: extra fields in profile, enhanced registration workflows, user lists, connection paths between users, admin defined tabs and user profiles, image upload, front-end workflow management, integration with other components, like PMS, Newsletter, Forum, Galleries.


GroupJive is a social networking component that creates Groups for users in the Joomla CMS! GroupJive can be used to enhance an existing site or as the basis around which to build a social network.

GroupJive provides all registered Joomla! users the ability to create groups, join together with other users and generate content that is unique to their Group(s). GroupJive supports a group bulletin with WYSIWYG options, compatibility with almost all Joomla! PMS systems, a Plugin for Community Builder, a series of Modules that enhance the GroupJive user experience and direct integration between Groups and various Joomla! components which then generate their content inside the GroupJive Groups. GroupJive currently integrates with:

+ Community Builder 1.1 stable
+ Community Builder Enhanced
+ FireBoard 1.0.3 stable
+ EventList 0.8.10
+ JomComment 1.8.10

Groups are based on three privilege levels which determine a users ability to access and join groups:

* Open to all - (open to all registered users)
* Approval to join - (requires Moderator to approve membership)
* Invite to join - (membership is by invitation only)

NOTE: GroupJive requires the presence of Community Builder or Community Builder Enhanced user management components in your Joomla! installation.


Powerful and stylish forum component for a well deserved content management system, Joomla!. Read on to find out about the cool new features introduced.

Some of the main features of Fireboard can be listed as below:

* A much more designer friendly forum system. It is close to SMF templating system having a simpler structure. With very few steps you can modify the total look of the forum. Thanks goes to the great designers in our team.
* Unlimited subcategory system with better administration backend.
* Faster system and better coding experience for 3rd parties.
* The same
* Profilebox at the top of the forum
* Support for popular PM systems, such as ClexusPM and Uddeim
* Basic plugin system (practical rather than perfect)
* Language-defined icon system.
* Sharing image system of other templates. So, choice between templates and image series is possible
* You can add Joomla modules inside the forum template itself. Wanted to have banner inside your forum?
* Favorite threads selection and management
* Forum spotlights and highlights
* Forum announcements and its panel
* Latest messages (Tabbed)
* Statistics at bottom
* Who's online, on what page?
* Category specific image system
* Enhanced pathway
* Joomlaboard import, SMF in plan to be released pretty soon
* RSS, PDF output
* Advanced search (under development)
* Community builder and Clexus PM profile options
* Avatar management : CB and Clexus PM options

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